A Meeting with Reverend Cambeul of the Creativity Alliance

[version française ici]

1) Hello Reverend, can you speak a little about yourself and your life in Australia?

I was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1969. For a number of years I served with the Australian Regular Army, leaving the army to work in warehousing logistics and IT industries. A White Racial Loyalist and staunch atheist all my life, I joined the World Church of the Creator in 2000 CE, and was one of the founders of the Creativity Alliance in 2003. Elected as Pontifex Maximus in 2010, I currently serve the Church as the PM for the Creativity Alliance and as National Coordinator for the Church of Creativity Australia. I am the fifth Pontifex Maximus to serve the Church since its founding in 1973 by Ben Klassen.

2) How did you became a Creator?

Back in the mid 90’s I came to the conclusion that atheism cannot beat the overwhelming grip of Christianity on the White Man’s mind, so I came to the conclusion that we needed a Racial Religion that could successfully compete with and eventually replace Christianity. I set about the project by studying religions comparative to Christianity and began to compile information from library books in order to create my own religion. It was shortly after beginning this project that I was watching a documentary on Ernst Zundel in Canada. In the video was a group of Canadian Creators from the Church of the Creator Toronto. I was impressed by the text on their cloth badges saying MOBILIZE NATURE’S FINEST and the design of the Church Emblem. http://creativityalliance.com/forum/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=1247 I now wear the same on the right arm of one of my jackets.

In 1997, I first gained access to the internet, searched and found the Zundel Site, quickly followed by a now defunct site called the Alpha Site and Stormfront. Having only intermittent access to the internet, rather than reading pages, I saved them to diskette, took them home and reconstructed them so I could read them on my home computer. I read everything I could find relating to my efforts to SAVE THE WHITE RACE and slowly began to learn about other groups, including the White Man’s Religion, Creativity.

In 2000, I gained permanent access to the internet and set about creating my own website. My efforts were successful enough to gain the attention of The Official Johnny Rebel Website and several others, including several Creators based in New York and Australia. Reading through my texts, they understood that I trying to repeat what Ben Klassen had already done with Creativity and they invited me to join the World Church of the Creator. By that stage I was well aware of Creativity and everything it stood for, and so I quickly joined the World Church of the Creator, discarding any ambitions for my own White Racial Religion in favour of the One and Only Salvation for the White Race, Creativity.

3) One of the first things people asking me when I speak about Creativty is : why there is two Churches? So can you explain how the Creativity Alliance was born and why ?

There is only one Church: The Church of Creativity united under the leadership of the Creativity Alliance.

There is another group, but they are not a religious group. They are a gang of skinheads that attempted to turn Creativity into what they called “a prison gang on the street.” They banned use of the word “Church” and proceeded to bully all Creators that did not fall into their new agenda. Many good Creators were pushed out of the World Church of the Creator, and eventually the constant threats of violence and murder were to much even for me and I left. Being one of the last to leave, and being extremely vocal in my opposition to Creativity becoming a uniquely skinhead gang, I had made a lot of contacts with good Creators within the World Church of the Creator. The World Church of the Creator was dead and other Creators around the world were beginning to form their own separate groups.  I was asked to return to Creativity and take charge of one such group, which quickly aligned with another group and another …. That is how the Creativity Alliance was born.

4) From Europe, Australia is mainly see as a « preserved America ». Is this country really so protected? What about White demographics? Minorities demographics?

I cannot say myself what European visitors think of Australia, but Niggers from the US consider Australia to be like 1950’s USA. A smaller population – Australia has approximately 23 million while the US has approximately 350 million for a land mass of comparative size – less niggers and other non-Whites, a more relaxed lifestyle, American media dominating … it all contributes to the idea that Australia is a kind of “preserved America.” Racially aware White Australians see niggers – such of Lawrence Fishburn of the Matrix movies – as nothing more than racists that dislike the lack of non-Whites. The truth is, Australia is roughly fifty percent non-White and Hollywood acolytes do not visit mud/non-White ghettos. Due to enforced Multi-CULTuralism and rapid non-White immigration, Australian cities each contain their mud ghettos where White Australians are no longer welcome.

5) In France, some far-right activists saw Tony Abbott as the one who say « No Way » to illegal immigration. Is it the truth? What about the new Prime Minister?

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott did put a stop to illegal aliens arriving by fishing boat from Indonesia; but he increased the amount of so-called refugees accepted into Australia each year. His last act was to accept twelve thousand Syrians into Australia – that is thousands more than HNIC (Head Nigger In Charge) Obama allowed into the United States. The new prime minister of Australia is expected to be worse than Abbott. See http://creativityalliance.com/australias-new-prime-minister-malcolm-turnbull-more-jew-than-any-hebe/

6) Talk about the specific case of Aborigines. What kind of problems do they pose ? Are they politically organised or some leftists defend their rights for them, just like Romanis in Europe ?

Australian Aboriginies – Abos as we call them when we are being polite, are – according to anthropologists – the most primitive species of human remaining on this planet. Living amongst them, I can attest that they make the African niggers appear super intelligent by comparison. The constant claim is that White people are responsible for their fabled near genocide. The truth is that there are more Abos alive today than there were when the first White colonists arrived in 1788. Abos own most of the land in Australia and Whites are limited to a thin border of the East Coast of Australia and numerous cities and town dotted around the rest of the coast along with a few inland cities and towns. By law, Whites are not permitted on Abo land. Abos are politically organised and well funded by Marxist and Jewish supremacist groups. They receive free medical treatment, free legal representation, guaranteed public housing and the right to earn welfare while they are working. Australians are often wont admit it because they are frightened of being denounced as “racists” but many of them are scared of taking public transport in case Abos show up and turn violent. Often when Abos commit racially motivated violent acts against White Australians and tourists, the police will refuse to investigate the matter. Even if an Abo is caught committing a criminal act, the judiciary will see to it that all charges are dropped and the Abo is set free. The reasoning is that all White people are racist and to put an Abo in prison is racist. And yet, with such leniency and such a small population – about four percent – Abos are still the majority in Australia’s prisons. The United Nations has declared the majority Abo prison population to be a racist act.

7) As every French, my dream would be to live in New-Zealand. What is the situation there?

You do not want to live in New Zealand. It’s a tiny little island nation that is overrun by niggers of Hawaiian origin known as Maoris. White New Zealanders like to refer to themselves by the Maori term Pakeha (pronounced Pack-ee-ah). White New Zealanders believe it shows that they are Multi-CULTural. What they don’t know is that Pakeha translates into English as White Faced Pig. Being the so-called Indigenous inhabitants of New Zealand, the Maori – who arrived in New Zealand as an invading and colonising force, raping, murdering and cannibalising the actual indigenous population of New Zealand approximately two hundred years before the arrival of the first White colonists – the Maori dominate politics and have their own black political party. All other facets of public life are also dominated by the Maori who demand that any White person who does not successfully complete a course on Maori culture is not allowed to be employed in the public sector. And like Australia, Maoris have claimed parts of New Zealand to be their own, where White New Zealanders are not permitted entry. Black supremacist criminal gangs are everywhere. It has been hypothesised in literature that if the United Nations was to order White people to abandon the non-European nations that they colonised and built, then New Zealand would be the first on the list, and the meek White New Zealanders would leave. The best thing a Frenchman could ever do regarding New Zealand, would be to bomb it into the ocean.

8) What do you think of Matt Hale? Are you in contact with him?

I have not been in contact with Matt Hale for about five years now. I and our Church Leaders in the Guardians of the Faith Committee had a disagreement with Matt regarding Church Policy and we went our separate ways. Some Church Members do maintain their personal correspondence with Matt, but not in any way that officially represents our Church. Be that as it may, what the JOG are doing to Matt is absolutely horrendous! They are using him to set an example to White Racial Loyalists that political dissention is not to be permitted unless it is politically correct.

Prior to Matt’s conviction and sentencing of forty years in a federal prison, a Jewish businessman hired two people to murder a judge that had made a decision contrary to his Semitic wishes. The Jew did pay the people and the assassins did fire shots into the judge’s home in a drive-by. The authorities never found the hired assassins, but the Jew was sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison. The Jew of course maintains a higher standing on the Ladder of Political Correctness, and therefore it is anti-Semitic to regard a Jew – any Jew – as a domestic terrorist. Matt is a White Man like any Creator and is opposed to all forms of Semitic Supremacism. That is the crime for which he is currently in prison. The five years for allegedly – according to a paid FBI informant with no actual evidence for any crime other than the informant’s own word – attempting to arrange the murder of a judge, is a prison sentence that should have been completed many years ago.

Regarding other Creators that can be considered Prisoners of War (P.O.W.’s), I do maintain regular contact with Reverend Joel Dufresne and Reverend Doctor Joe Esposito http://rahowadirectory.com/esposito Reverend Dr Joe is the longest serving Creator in our history, having joined the Church in 1974. He was a personal friend of Ben Klassen’s as well as practically every Creator you can read about in Ben Klassen’s two autobiographies.

9) I suppose you are aware about Craig Cobb’s project to take the legal power in a small town. Is it something possible in Australia ?

I am well aware of Reverend Craig Cobb’s attempts to democratically take the reigns of power in a small town. All I can say is that he went about it the wrong way; but good on him for making the effort and doing what he knew to be right for the White Race. And yes, it is something possible in Australia. There are many abandoned mining and other towns in Australia that are being held onto by companies in the hope that someone will buy the entire community. We are not talking about ramshackle ghost towns. We are talking about well preserved complete towns with absolutely no inhabitants, just waiting for someone with the money and the will to build that White Racial Community that is so sorely needed.

10) In your opinions, what are the first steps for a young man/woman to re-white himself ?

For a White Man or Woman of ANY age to re-align themselves as a White Racial Loyalist, the First Step is to Get With Creativity! Read, understand and embrace the Sixteen Commandments of Creativity. If they cannot do that, then they are lost. They may as well pull their head out of the sand and place it into a noose and save us White Racial Loyalists the trouble come the Day of the Rope.

11) Thank you for taking the time to answer to my questions. Do you have something you want to say especially to French people ?

Thank you Brother M. for the opportunity to address the many loyal White Racial Loyalists of France.

My message for French White Racial Loyalists is to stay away from Liberal and Populist political parties! Liberals may be advocating the rights of freedom of speech, but only if and when speech firmly fits within the narrow definition of the Politically Correct. As for the Populist faux Nationalist political parties, they have all chosen to bow to the Jew and raise the Israeli flag. Their raison d’etre is not to protect the sovereignty of the Nation and People of France. Their job is to obey the genocidal dictates of Israel and the New World Order, and to keep political dissenters, White Racial Loyalists corralled and branded like cattle; in Hebrew, that word is Goyim.You are living and losing the Racial Holy War with your mass support of Populist faux Nationalist parties. Get with the winners: Get With Creativity! Creativity is the Only Salvation for France, for all of Europe, for the future of civilisation and for the White Race … And together we will win This Racial Holy War. RaHoWa!


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